Mules for Sale at the Palmer Quarter Horse Ranch


2005 Molly Mule, $10,000

15 Hands

Randy on One of His Favorite Mules, Pearl, at the Purple Cliffs Viewpoint at the Ranch

Pearl is a seasoned backcountry mule and a real asset as a trail partner.  Randy Palmer is the owner of Over The Hill Outfitters, and Pearl has been Randy’s favorite go-to riding mule and pack mule for years because of her strength, stamina, sure-footedness, speed, and quick athleticism.  He’s pretty much ridden her everywhere in the San Juan Mountains and has miles and miles of experience.  She’s an easy keeper who is exceptionally pretty to look at with fine long ears, large black eyes, and she’s a pearly white color.  Pearl is a smooth ride and like all of the best mules, she can go anywhere including forging through rivers, climbing the most rugged and rocky mountain trails, and she can pack your gear like a champ.  Pearl is quick and responsive and moves out on the trail –  she’s a great choice for an intermediate or experienced rider who appreciates a great and talented mule.  For inquiries, email or call the ranch.



2007 Sorrel Molly Mule, $5,500

14 Hands

Chloe is one of the best-looking mules we’ve ever had.  She has beautiful kind eyes and long eye lashes, four flashy white socks, and a cream-colored muzzle.  She is the perfect size to load packs onto at 14 hands, and she does well in any position in the pack string.  We have packed her for years, and she has great stamina as she proved on several multi-week trips on the Continental Divide in Colorado.  She is very well mannered and shoes well, hobbles, and loads into trailers easily.  She can really step out for the experienced rider.  She is an easy keeper and gets along well with the herd.

What are you waiting for? Life is short. Ride a Palmer Quarter Horse Mule!