Horses for Sale at the Palmer Quarter Horse Ranch

Awarded 60-Year Breeder of American Quarter Horses

Charming ID Earnie – $5,500

2022 Registered AQHA Bay Gelding (2-year old)

Earnie really grew up over the winter and he’s looking great!

Charming ID Earnie shows us daily what a gentle and friendly guy he is.  He is very cute and has such a sweet personality.  He has nice proportions, a nice short back, straight legs, four black feet, and a very kind eye.  We think Earnie is going to be a moderately tall quarter horse, maybe 14.3 to 15.3 hands at maturity.  Earnie is a full brother to Charming ID Jen who is also profiled on this page.

Earnie leads, ties, picks up all four feet, stands for farrier trimmings, he’s been trailer loaded, and he’s packed around a saddle blanket.  Earnie shows nice agility and looks smooth in all his gaits and has been easy to halter train.  Earnie is respectful of personal space and he’s not pushy but he really likes people.

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HILLBILLIE –  $17,000

Bred for speed. Bred for versatility.

2021 Registered AQHA Buckskin Stallion 3-year old  (Sire Rex Hill, Dam Charming Annie Buck)

Hillbillie as a 2-year old

Hillbillie is definitely among the best stallions we have bred in our 60+ years as AQHA professional breeders. This stallion has everything you want in a perfect quarter horse including great genetics, outstanding color and showy looks, balanced and exceptional conformation, all with a friendly, calm, teachable personality.  Hillbillie is a fantastic roping, reined cow horse, or breeding prospect, and he’ll definitely be a great all-round using horse.

Hillbillie is by Rex Hill a money winning racehorse (LTE $230,000) who also has fabulous conformation and so much versatility that in addition to his breeding career, he had a third successful career as a roping horse after finishing his racing years.  Rex Hill is the sire of many money earning race horses.  Rex Hill’s pedigree is below.

Hillbillie is out of our best producing mare Charming Annie Buck. This buckskin mare is tall at 16+ hands, and muscular, with great conformation and outstanding temperament.  Charming Annie Buck competed in the Four Corners Cutting and Reining Quad Futurity where she won first place in reining as a 3-year old, second place in western pleasure as a 2-year old, and first place as a weanling and yearling in halter.  Her lineage goes back to Two Eyed Jack and Gay Bar King.

We started training and riding Hillbillie in 2023 as a 2-year old and he’s had about 30 rides.  He has a wonderful personality being very good mannered on the ground, he’s super friendly and he’s calm. He’s been easy to train and willing to learn with no buck.  He rates his speed well and sparks up nice when asked.  Hillbillie is already 15+ hands tall and very muscular with nice stout bones and he’s still growing.  Hillbillie’s pedigree is below.

Hillbillie would be an outstanding roping prospect. He would also be a great breeding prospect.  With his size and build he’d be great as a ranch horse and trail horse too.  His fancy looks and color guarantee he’d draw attention in the show ring or anywhere you take him.

Hillbillie is started under saddle and he’s ready to be finished in the riding discipline of your choice.

Videos to be posted soon.

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Charming ID Jen –   SOLD

2021 Registered AQHA Bay Filly (3-year old)

Charming ID Jen started light trail riding as a 2-year old and she loves it!  She’s a 3-year old now.

Charming ID Jen is a 3-year old filly that is so sweet, gentle, and willing to be trained.  We think when she’s fully grown, she will be 14.3  or maybe 15 hands tall.  She is athletic, a beautiful smooth mover, so willing to be trained, and honest.  She learns quickly and really focuses on her trainer, she has a great mind, and she’s making fast progress in her training under saddle.  She has never bucked, and is not spooky.  Her dominant personality traits are intelligence and a willingness to please her rider.  She is butter smooth in all her gaits and she’s so balanced and athletic that she picks up her correct leads easily and consistently.  She just keeps getting better with every ride and her trainer loves her.  Jen started being ridden on the trail a few weeks ago and is doing great – she crosses rivers no problem and can already be ridden with a loose rein on the trail.  Check out her trail video below!

Jen is a great looking 3-year old who loves people.

We’ve also been riding Jen in the arena and the pastures on our ranch.  Jen leads well and ties and picks up her feet and stands for the farrier and has very nice ground manners and trailer loads.  She gets along very well with other horses, grew up with cattle, and she likes being around people but is respectful of personal space.  See Jen’s two videos below riding in the pasture and on the trail.

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2022 Registered AQHA Bay/Chestnut Gelding (2-year old)

Charming ID Cory shows promise to be a strong, top notch using horse – he looks this good and he just turned 2 years old!

“Cory” is a good example of the kind of horse we like to produce

Charming ID Cory is an AQHA gelding who is, in our opinion, the total package in a quarter horse.  He has outstanding confirmation, lots of muscle, a big hip, he’s strong-boned, with a gorgeous neck and head, large soft eyes, beautiful white face markings and all-black feet.  His exceptional qualities show in spades and he’s only a 2-year old!  He’s got a great personality, and he’s been progressing well in his halter training.  He leads, ties, picks up all four feet, stands for the farrier for trims, he’s been trailer loaded, packs around a blanket.

“Cory” is going to be a nice-sized horse, probably getting taller than 15 hands.  He’s an easy keeper for sure.  He has shown agility, athleticism, speed, intelligence, and a willingness to be trained.  He’s not pushy on the ground, and respects people.  This horse is bred to be cowy, a performance horse in the arena, and he looks like he’ll be a great trail/backcountry using horse too.  Cory will start his training under saddle in April.  We are excited about this one!

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2023  Buckskin Filly “Ruby” –   SOLD

Introducing “Ruby” who is outstanding already in personality, conformation, and color

Ruby is quite a girl!  From her first weeks of life, Ruby has been inquisitive and showed a real attraction to people.  She loves to come over for a visit and a good scratch when anyone comes into her field.  She has wonderful conformation and we think she’ll grow to be strong and stout boned and tall, just like her beautiful mother, Utah.  Her mother,  is a Four Corners Cutting and Reining Futurity champion, taking first place in reining in her 3-year old year.  Since then, Utah has had two babies, both buckskins with above average looks, conformation, with gentle and non-spooky personalities.

Ruby will be weaned in the fall, but she is for sale now and can travel home with you when she is fully weaned and adjusted to being without mom. We estimate October or early November.

See Ruby’s  video below.

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2022 Registered AQHA Brown Filly

Charming ID Miss is already a refined beauty at 1 year old

Charming ID Miss is an elegant and finely put together filly who is already a real good looker.  She has very large expressive kind eyes and nice color.  She already shows great athleticism as she plays in her pen with her siblings.  She can turn on a dime and has impressive speed.  She is just starting her halter training and we’ll keep posting photos and updates of her progress throughout the  spring.

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2023 Weanling

Buckskin Filly “Bobby” –   SOLD 

This sweet little girl has it all – color, conformation, and pedigree!

This super pretty buckskin filly has great color, lots of chrome, and she’s a good sized weanling.  She’s put together so nicely we know she’s going to grow up to be a real beauty. She’ll be AQHA registered this fall.  Her sire is our great buckskin stallion Charming ID Buck.  This filly can leave our ranch after she’s weaned this fall.

For inquiries, email us at or call the ranch at 970-385-7656.

Bobby with her mom Old Dude Bobby

Zuni Linda (AKA Chaco) SOLD

Registered AQHA Buckskin Mare

15 Hands

Jessica riding Chaco in the Ranch Trail Class.

Chaco is a gorgeous 2010 buckskin mare who always turns heads wherever she goes.  We constantly get compliments on her.  She is a great example of Terry Palmer’s 56-year AQHA breeding program and she’s one of his favorite mares.  Chaco’s bloodlines go back to Two Eyed Jack and Gay Bar King and her sire was our great buckskin stallion Zuni Jack.  She has beautiful confirmation, lots of color, and a pretty head with large expressive eyes.  Chaco excelled from a young age, and as a 3-year-old she placed second overall at the 2013 Four Corners Cutting and Reining Quad Futurity after competing in Western Pleasure and Reining.  First place went to her half-brother Zandy, another fine product of our Palmer Quarter Horse breeding and training program.  After her money-winning finish at the futurity, AQHA Professional Horseman and trainer Troy Rogers further refined Chaco’s training for another 5 months.  Terry’s granddaughter, a member of the West Texas A&M University equestrian team, competed with Chaco in the Texas show circuit in the disciplines of Reining, Working Cow Boxing, Ranch Pleasure, and Ranch Trail.

With her exceptional breeding, color, and confirmation, Chaco would also be a great addition to your program as a broodmare.  We’ve given her a couple of years off from the show pen and her first 2019 foal was a gorgeous buckskin colt sired by our brown AQHA stallion Animosa Jack.  She currently has a gorgeous 2023 buckskin colt at her side.

We have ridden Chaco on the many trails of our ranch, and as her pedigree promises she’s cowy, proven when we entered her at few local cattle team sorting jackpots, even winning one of them!  She has all the reining maneuvers, and excels in Ranch Pleasure and Ranch-style Western Pleasure show classes.  Chaco is quick, responsive, athletic, and lively to ride and has proven herself as a brood mare too.  For inquiries, email or call the ranch.

More photos will be posted soon.

Zuni Mari (aka Dandy) –   SOLD

2012 Registered AQHA Palomino Mare – Broke to Ride

Zuni Mari is an outstanding palomino mare who has above average great conformation, super thick and blond mane and tail, and a beautiful head with large dark kind eyes.  She has been an outstanding brood mare for us and most of her babies have been palomino or buckskin (see video below).

Zuni Mari was shown in the Four Corners Cutting and Reining Futurity for four years.  She won first place as a weanling and yearling in halter and took third place in reining when she was a 3-year old.  We started riding and training her again this spring.  She has nice ground manners, trailer loads, ties nice, stands well for the farrier, gets along well with others in the mare herd while on pasture.  She was ridden in a bosal (no bit) for 5 years before she became a brood mare.  We have started riding her with a bit the spring.  She has flying lead changes, and moves out at the walk, trot, and lope nicely.  She has impressive speed at the gallop when asked.  Her personality is generally calm, patient, sweet, honest, and she checks in a lot with her rider because she wants to do the right thing.

Zuni Mari is completely sound, she’s never had any lameness or health issues, she’s just an easy and low maintenance keeper.  This girl can go all day in the saddle helping you check the cattle, ride the trails, or just have fun.

See Zuni Mari’s videos below.

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2022 Registered AQHA Buckskin Stallion Colt

Charming ID Will is turning into a great looking buckskin colt

Charming ID Will is a nice sturdy colt with a big muscular hip and excellent conformation.  His flashy buckskin color is going to draw attention everywhere he goes.  He’s bred to be an all-round performance horse and to be cowy.  We’ll keep updating his photos as he progresses with his halter training.

For inquiries, email us at or call the ranch at 970-385-7656.


2009 Registered AQHA Sorrel Mare

Robin is a wonderful mare standing at about 14.3 hands and she’s got great conformation and is a real easy keeper.  Robin took first place in the Four Corners Cutting and Reining Futurity in Western Pleasure as a 2-year old and again placed first in reining as a 3-year old winning the overall Quad Futurity.  She is very sweet, cute, and gentle.  Robin really likes people and she always comes over to us in the fields looking for a pet and a “hello”.

We’ve been using Robin as a brood mare for several years and she has proven herself with so many great babies.  We just started riding her again this May and it has been fun and pretty easy to get her tuned up as a riding horse again.  Her trot and lope are super smooth and easy to sit.  She trailer loads, stands nice for the farrier, has  ground manners, ties nice, and has limited trail miles on her. Robin gets better with every ride and is such a willing equine partner.  She is completely sound, no health issues, she’s in great shape and ready to be your next sweetheart horse.

See Robin’s video below

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2021 Registered AQHA Palomino Filly – Started Under Saddle

“Tracy” is a gorgeous, super flashy, palomino filly with a thick white-blond mane and tail, and lots of chrome. With her dark shiny palomino coat, she’s just stunning color-wise and  her palomino coloring is going to be admired everywhere she goes.  She has great conformation, a pretty head and neck, and nice size and muscle for a 2-year old.  She is a beautiful mover, and is naturally not spooky. She is such a nice filly that we planned to keep her for a future brood mare.

“Tracy” is very friendly and mellow and she really likes people.  She has been easy to start in her halter training  last summer because of her naturally easy-going personality and because she is brave and willing to be trained.  We just started putting rides on her and she has done so beautifully. We have ridden her at the walk, trot, and loped her in both directions so far.  She is so balanced that she picks up the correct leads naturally.   She has never bucked, has accepted her rider calmly, with no spook or nervousness that lots of colts have when started.  Tracy leads well on the ground, ties patiently, picks up all four feet, stands for the farrier.

See Tracy’s first ride under saddle below!

Charming ID Tracy – What a gorgeous blond!

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2021 Registered AQHA Black Mare – Broke to Ride

“Patty” is an elegant mare who has the prettiest head and neck, great conformation, a super glossy black coat that’s almost glassy in shine.  She’s truly a “Black Beauty” just like the novel!  Patty is about 14.2 hands tall.  Because she is so gorgeous, and has such nice conformation like all the mares we currently have for sale, we have used her as a brood mare for several years after 4-year her show career in the Four Corners Cutting and Reining Quad Futurity.  Patty knows how to move out when asked, and she is a smooth ride at all her gaits. She knows how to pick up the correct leads, has a nice back up, and does well riding on a loose rein.  Patty was only ridden in a bosal (no bit in her mouth) for four years.  She is currently being ridden and is adjusting to the snaffle bit now while we have her under training.  She doesn’t buck, she’s super responsive to her rider and cues.

Patty is a daughter of our famous and very popular buckskin stallion Zuni Jack. She stands for the farrier and has great feet.  She ties, trailer loads, she likes people, she got along great with other horses when she was in our large mare herd.  She has been a great mother and has provided several nice babies for us.

See Patty’s video below

“Patty” is a gorgeous healthy black mare broke to ride

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13 years old, registered AQHA gray gelding, totally broke

Riding Smoke way back in the Weminuche Wilderness

Smokin Tee Jay aka “Smoke” is completely broke for trail and rugged mountain riding.  Smoke is an extremely calm and gentle, rock-solid trail horse and we’ve routinely used him to carry kids and novice riders in our wilderness mountain outfitting and ranch trail ride business for over 8 years.  Because Smoke is big, approaching 16 hands and muscular/solid boned, we can also use him to carry our larger clients.  Smoke is not a spooky horse and he’s super seasoned in the wilderness back country, and he’s very sure footed and travels at a steady pace.  Smoke gets along with other horses and is an easy keeper.  He packs great, he can lead pack strings, he can be ridden solo, he’s easy to catch, trailer loads great, stands for the farrier nice, ties nice, and he’s hobble trained, crosses rivers every day.  We’ve done some limited arena riding with him and have used him to give riding lessons. Smoke has done several mountain photo shoots because of his nice color and looks.  Overall Smoke is a handsome, smart, all-round broke, super gentle horse.

For inquiries, email us at or call the ranch at 970-385-7656.


2020 Registered AQHA Sorrel Filly

“Wilma” is started under saddle

Charming ID Wilma is a gorgeous 2-year old filly with bright sorrel coloring, lots of chrome, and a flashy flaxen mane and tail.  She has a nice build, balanced conformation, and a lovely head and neck.  She’s likely going to grow up to be a decent sized quarter horse.  “Wilma” is also exceptionally athletic with quick agile moves and very smart.

Wilma has been green-broke under saddle and has been ridden in arenas and has some limited trail riding experience.  She is a very quick, responsive, sensitive mare who wants to please.  She would do well continuing her training with an experienced and patient trainer.  She stands for well for the farrier, picks up all 4 feet, and ties.

For inquiries, email us at or call the ranch at 970-385-7656.


 13-year old registered AQHA dun-buckskin gelding, completely broke to ride.

Cool Dun Bar is about 14 hands

Diesel is a sweetheart who just loves people, follows you like a puppy, and is gentle by nature and he’s very cute.  On his first day under saddle, he went right out on a trial ride after being ridden in the round pen.  Diesel is happiest being in a line of trail horses and in that position, anyone can ride him and he happily just follows along.  Intermediate-advanced ability riders can ride him in front, and our guides use him routinely as the lead horse on our ranch trail rides.  Diesel has proven to be a versatile and responsive arena horse too.  Diesel gets along with other horses great, he’s mellow, he crosses through rivers every day, routinely is ridden on steep and rocky trails, and he ponies other horses behind him, he stands for the farrier.  He’s about 14.3 hands tall and nice looking with his cool dun-buckskin coloring.  See Diesel’s video below

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2020 Registered AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Zane has been nicely started and is 2 years old

Zane is an extremely good-looking young gelding who is put together very nicely with excellent conformation and a beautiful head and neck.  He has four flashy socks that accentuate his smooth moving gaits and pretty flaxen highlights in his mane and tail.  Zane has been nicely started under saddle for about 4 months. He bridles nice, stands still while being saddled and mounted.  He is very good minded, has been easy and willing to be trained, he’s gentle but very responsive and respectful, and he wants to please his rider.  He has beautiful gait transitions and holds his head and neck naturally nice at all gaits. This horse shows promise to be great in the arena, on the ranch, or on mountain trails. We’ve done limited trail riding with Zane in addition to arena work.

Charming ID Alice – First Place, Open Pleasure 2 Year Olds, FCCRA 2022 Futurity


2020 Registered AQHA Sorrel Filly

Charming ID Alice in 2022

Charming ID Alice is a favorite filly from our 2020 crop of babies.  She is simply gorgeous and is put together so wonderfully, we had planned to keep her for ourselves as a brood mare after she finishes her show career in 2023.  She has already won first place in every show she has entered both as a weanling and as a yearling in halter classes.  In October 2022 she again won her class under saddle at the futurity for Open Western Pleasure!  (Four Corners Cutting and Reining Show and Futurity (FCCRA) 2020, 2021, and 2022).  At each show she enters, she gets so many comments about her super good looks and ideal conformation.

“Alice” has been very well started, and has been a joy to train and ride because she is so calm and smart.  She has naturally smooth gates and beautiful gait transitions.  She is easy to bridle, ties well, stands patiently, trailer loads, and stands for the farrier. She has a willing personality which makes her easy to train.  She is also responsive, and wants to please her rider. Can we sing more praises about her?

Charming ID Alice First Place winner, yearling halter, 2021 FCCRA Show and Futurity

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