The Horses of Palmer Quarter Horses

Performance Horses that Will Climb a Mountain.  (and gather a cow, and cross a river, and pack your fencing materials to the back section).  Our horses have earned their accolades in the arena.  However, to be honest, most of them are too busy doing the things that horses are supposed to do.  Doing the things that made them the cornerstone of the Old West.  Our horses pack gear and people into the high country every year (for the past 30 years).  They take our friends and our family to places that not many people visit.  They carry our youngest generation of future horse people into those places.  They are used on working cattle ranches.  They are used by professional ropers.  They are used for real life working cow horse.  They sort cattle.  They take care of the grandchildren.  They are used to teach people how to ride.

Three inquisitive yearlings at the Palmer Quarter Horse Ranch

We are proud of our horses and we are proud of everyone who has chosen to use one of horses in their lives.  Our goal is simple:

To breed the best disciplined, best looking and best using horses in the world.

We believe that we have met our goal and we look forward to carrying out this tradition for generations to come.

What are you waiting for? Life is short. Ride a Palmer Quarter Horse!